сторінка 34 вправа 1 гдз 3 клас англійська мова Пухта Ґернґрос 2020

Ask and answer.

1. What number is next: twelve, fourteen, sixteen, eighteen.
a eighteen
b nineteen
с twenty
2. Do you ride your bike at the weekend?
a Are you
b You
с Do you
3. This is me and my cousin, Julie. Our birthdays are in May.
a My
b Our
с Their
4. Maria's hair is blonde and straight.
a Maria
b Maria's
с Marias
5. A drum is a percussion instrument.
a stringed
b wind
с percussion
6. Alex can't climb a tree.
a can
b can't
7. Which is the word with the different sound?
a yellow
b window
с flower
8. Do you go swimming on Mondays?
a Yes, I do.
b Yes, I can.
с Yes, I have.

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